Award Winning
2017 People's Choice Award
Fresno Food Expo
Welcome to my home page. I am The Brioche Lady. I bake a particular type of French Brioche, a bread-like pastry rich in eggs and butter. My brioche has a unique aroma with a stringy texture, it is golden in color, fluffy, and light. 
France has made brioche known to the world. It can be found all over France and in most bakeries. There are many types of brioche such as Brioche Vendeenne, Brioche Parisienne, Brioche a Tete, and numerous other variations depending on the region. 
Brioche can be consumed straight, with jam or jelly, with Nutella, or numerous other ways. With Nutella is my favorite. My children and I love dipping it in hot chocolate and consuming it that way. It's a fantastic combination and you should try it!
It works great as a dessert, makes the ultimate french toast, bread pudding, and my husband enjoys it with his black Angus burgers. There are no limitations. What else can you come up with? Experiment and be creative!
My brioche was inspired by a local bakery in a small town in France called Cholet where I was born and raised. The baking process is delicate and long with 2 dough rising times and an overnight fermentation process. From start to finish, it takes about 15 hours but the finished product is well worth the labor and the wait. 
Now mastered and baked locally in California, I am "Bringing You The Wonders of France" directly from my kitchen to yours. I baked it with a labor of love and hope you enjoy it with your loved ones. Have a brioche, share the joy, and experience the wonders of France today without flying 5,000 miles. 
Bon Appetit!
Nubchi Thao