Award Winning
2017 People's Choice Award
Fresno Food Expo
I came to the United States in 1998 from a small town in the western part of France called Cholet where I was born and raised. I came to love this country but I missed the brioche from France dearly. My husband & I looked far and wide to find this type of brioche in California. However, there were none to be found. I realized that what some were calling brioche was not like the brioche I grew up eating and didn’t have the same taste, texture, and aroma. 
I was now on a mission to get my brioche, one way or another. France is 5000 miles away but that would not keep me from my brioche. I put several strategies in place to obtain my brioche.

First, my husband (Doc) has been known to fly to France over a 3 to 4 day weekend on several occasions. You guessed it! Part of his task is to return home with my brioches.
Amusingly, he would get held up at the airport holding 2 pieces of luggage with nothing
but brioches in them. Needless to say, I don't think this strategy is going to 
work out. 

Next, I would have my loving parents and siblings mail them to me at every
opportunity. I realized this was not a sustainable strategy but I was still
determined to find an alternate solution. Where there is a will, there is a way
and I will find it.  

Finally, I decided to take my love for baking and went on a journey to master the brioche from my birth place in Cholet, France. My husband loves to eat it, I love to bake, and I knew it would work out somehow. After nearly 2 years of tinkering in the kitchen and hundreds of pounds of flour down the drain, I have created what I believe to be the type of brioche I grew up eating in France.

It was my joy for baking and my endless desire to consume the brioche from my home town in France that allowed me to stay the course and fulfill my goal of baking fine french brioches. Inspired by an old bakery in a small town in France, I now present to you the summation of my hard work, my babies, my French Brioche. 
As a wife to a busy physician husband and mother to 7 amazing children, brioche is a favorite in our household. We often gather around the table, hot chocolate in hand, and share several freshly baked brioches. My kids really love it and probably would eat it every day if I let them. You no longer have to go 5000 miles to France to give your taste buds a treat, I am confident you will enjoy these brioches as much as my family and I do.